Dreiling Schmidt
Cancer Institute Interior

Those diagnosed with cancer experience many strong emotions and concerns. Their difficult journey requires the guiding hands of caring experts who can help chart an individualized course of hope and understanding.

Welcome to the Dreiling Schmidt Cancer Institute at HaysMed in Hays, Kansas. We value each patient as being unique and special. At our comprehensive cancer center, we are here to serve you and those involved in your care by providing customized treatments for your physical condition, while also offering support for your overall well-being.

The Cancer Institute’s medical care providers take an all-encompasing approach, working closely with you to create a treatment plan you can understand and take confidence in. Our specialized cancer hospital team collaborates to deliver advanced care through compassionate and comprehensive treatment and symptom management. And we strive to make these challenging experiences as comfortable as possible by offering expert guidance, reassurance and hope while improving quality of life.

Dreiling Schmidt Cancer Institute

The University Of Kansas Health System – Drelling Schmidt Cancer Institute


  • Address
    2220 Canterbury Drive
  • Phone Number
    (785) 623-5774
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